Welcome To Project Iron Boomerang

East West Line Parks Pty Limited (EWLP) is developing one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects – Project Iron Boomerang (PIB) – a multi user transcontinental rail infrastructure corridor and steel manufacturing complex which will revolutionise global steel production.

Poised to be one of the biggest construction challenges in the nation’s history, Project Iron Boomerang will link the Pilbara iron ore mines in Western Australia with the Bowen Basin coal mines in north Queensland via a 3,300km rail line.

The infrastructure, services and resource linkages will support and fuel two Steel Precincts, one on each coast, which will manufacture slab steel for export.

The purpose built transcontinental railway line will link Australia’s two great ore bodies for steelmaking, iron ore from the west coast and metallurgical coal from the east coast. The transcontinental railway will be dedicated to carrying resources efficiently from one side of the country to the other between the first stage iron and Steel Precincts.

The project’s primary objective is to service and facilitate the production of slab steel in Australia for export, thereby significantly reducing the quantities of seaborne iron ore and coal consumed in the world’s steel production cycle.

Project Iron Boomerang is economically important for Australia and its major world trading partners. For the trading partners that participate in the production of steel, Project Iron Boomerang offers a sustainable and competitive means of reducing the cost per tonne of world steel produced, while reducing global environmental impacts.

More than 35,000 temporary and permanent jobs are expected to be created under this inspirational nation building project, which will deliver improved economic, environmental and social outcomes.


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